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Havana colonial cathedral 1748

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E. C. Brierfield

Cuban-American Adventure Novelist

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Cathedral of Havana, built in 1748.


Historical fiction writer

Hello. Thank you for browsing my site.

It’s difficult to say what inspires any writer to dream up a particular story. But once he starts weaving the tale, lots of his or her own life experiences will find their way into it. I believe all fiction writers tell disguised confessions about the way we are, or the way we would like to have been. We describe the world as we see it, or the way we would like the world to be.


Most of the time, I place my characters in cities I’ve known through my travels. Sometimes they interact with historical figures and take part in historical events. But always, their  mannerisms and physiques are based on individuals I’ve shared a portion of my life with.


My fictional characters are variations of my persona. The good or the evil they do are part of me. I have loved, and hated, and at one time or another felt the in-between gamut of emotions toward my fellow man. Since I’m in my studio, free to write, it’s obvious that in life, I haven’t acted on my heinous fantasies.  But in my writing I certainly have.


If you ever meet me, chances are you’ll be reborn in the pages of one of my stories. There, I will treat you kindly, or let loose upon you the hidden satanic component of my soul. Beware.

Eduardo Cervino                                  AKA E.C. Brierfield

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